What is Smart Jewellery?

Welcome to my blog, started as part of my PhD research at the Universitiy of Dundee, that has since been adapted to become a resource to fellow makers who are interested in novel materiality, digital jewellery and wearable futures.

As I set about exploring futuristic manufacturing technologies, Cyberjewellery, the Posthuman, Microelectronics, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence this blog will keep you informed of any exciting discoveries. My own work can be found in the Gallery Section, and on my Jewellery Website. Occasionally I will also be posting glimpses of work in progress, conferences and exhibitions I am a part of in the News Section. See and comment on what I have been up to in my Twitter Feed @FutureJewels! And don’t be surprised if you see the occasional post about photography – it is a big part of my practice, and one I am only to happy to chat about!

Feel free to comment or drop me a line if you come across something that you think I might like – I hope to do the same for you here by posting anything inspiring, weird and wonderful that I come across.

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