Here I will publish articles and presentations that I have authored. Check back soon for the latest content!

Vones, K., 2015. Digital Symbiosis:The Aesthetics and Creation of Stimulus-Reactive Jewellery with Smart Materials and Microelectronics, in 2015. XcoaX – Computation, Communication, Aesthetics and X Conference Proceedings. The University of the West of Scotland: Glasgow

Vones, K., 2014. Towards the Posthuman – Materiality and Process in the Creation of Stimulus-Responsive Jewellery Objects in K. Bunnell, ed. 2015. “All Makers Now?” – Craft Values in 21st Century Production Conference Proceedings. The University of Falmouth: Falmouth

Vones, K., 2013. Technological Microcosms – Considering Materiality and Collaborative Practice in the Creation of Wearable Futures. In J. Wallace, J. Yee, and A. Durrant, eds. 2013. Praxis and Poetics – 2013 Research Through Design Conference Proceedings. Northumbria University: Newcastle-upon-Tyne, pp.59-62.

Vones, K., 2012. Foreign Bodies – The Creation of Symbiotic Jewellery through the Development and Application of Stimulus-responsive Smart Materials and Microelectromechanical Systems. Advances in Science and Technology, 81, pp.59-64.

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